We will put your colors on it!

Here at bikeshield, we understand that a bike and its equipment is not only an object of ride. It is a canevas on which one express itself. on which one represents and shows one’s colors and passions.


Voici quelques une de nos créations

Suspension decals

For everybody who wants to replace their decals on their fork because a tree or a rock didn’t have the decency to get out of your way…

Why not go custom while you’re at it!

Logo color replacement

For everybody who wants a flashy bike with their favourite colours, because the original logo is too conservative by far, this option will definitely suit you!

Or, go for something more subtle.


From the cover-up of small details on your frame to a complete overhaul of new color, the sky’s the limit. Oh and don’t forget your suspension! It’s allowed a bit of fun too.

Some of our creations

Ça vous donne des idées?

Lâchez-nous un coup de fil!… Nous avons hâte de parler de votre projet avec vous!

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