Why should you protect your bike?
Nothing is more frustrating than the first scratch on your bike. Even more when you are thinking about selling it at the end of the season.

Our protections provide a piece of mind, which will not only preserve the original look of your bike, but also help cleaning it. Mud, rocks, and leaves don’t stick to the protective film.

Are your "DIY" Kits easy to install?
Every kit bought in store has been meticulously put together for easy installation. Every box includes a very clear instruction pamphlet. Installation and advise videos are available on our social media platform.
What are the installation delays?
All custom projects are done through appointment at our facilities. Deadlines are established depending on the project and its complexity.

For clients who make an appointment, the bike should stay with us 72h to provide our warranty.

For custom jobs, how does it work?
The rider can come to us and give us his idea. We can also provide the rider our ideas!

We can add some color, make a complete makeover or even add some reflective details!

So many possibilities!

Our social medias will provide a lot of ideas.

Pro-tip: Qhen you have enough of the color… Juste peel it away!

What is the difference between an invisible film and decorative wrap?
For us, the invisible film is really a stone guard: it’s what is going to protect your bike.

The decorative wrap is made from high end vinyl that can be applied anywhere you want to change the colour.

The decorative wrap is always placed under the stone guard to protect it as it has a lower protection index.

How much does the protection weight?
Too small to even notice.


I’m kinda lost in all your services… What kind of company are you exactly?
The Bikeshield Production Group Inc. is a turnkey solution for the average consumer and retailer needing efficient solutions for the protections and customization.
Do you only do mountain bikes?
Not at all. All bikes deserve to be protected. Every bike owner deserves to have a machine they find visually pleasing.

Whatever you ride – road bike, hybrid, mountain bike or cruiser – Bikeshield protections will give them all the love they deserve!

Do you do anything else than bicycles?
We have different clients all driven by the same passion. We also do all the advertising material like stickers, car decals, t-shirts and more!

We have a company dedicated only to that and it is: Le Marmaillon

Your business hours don’t work for me. Can we work out something?
It is possible that our business hours won’t work for everyone. Give us a call and we’ll organize something!… Depending on the time of the day, bring a coffee or a beer to the member of our team who will open the door for you!

The answer to your question is not here?

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